Package net.rim.device.api.ui.accessibility

Interface Summary
AccessibleContext AccessibleContext represents the minimum information all accessible objects provide.
AccessibleDateField Represents a part of date field, such as Hour.
AccessibleEventListener Listener for accessibility events occuring on fields.
AccessibleListFieldCallback Adds accessibility to list field callback.
AccessibleRole The AccessibleRole determines the role of a component.
AccessibleState Interface AccessibleState describes a component's particular state.
AccessibleTable Class AccessibleTable describes a user-interface component that presents data in a two-dimensional table format.
AccessibleText The AccessibleText interface should be implemented by all classes that present textual information on the display.
AccessibleTreeFieldCallback Adds accessibility to tree field callback.
AccessibleValue The AccessibleValue interface should be supported by any object that supports a numerical value (e.g., a Gauge Field).

Class Summary
AccessibilityManager Provides listener registration methods for assistive technology

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